Raisins are ripe and dried grapes that are sold in different markets depending on the type of grape, the method and the conditions of drying and its authorized additives. According to Iran’s national standard, raisins are divided into 3 groups: sun-dried, Sultana, and Kashmar raisins.
Sun-dried raisins are ripe fruit that are dried with direct sunlight and become brown in color.While Kashmar raisins are amber to light brown and are dried with sulfur smoke.
But for the production of Sultana Raisins, it is allowed to use alkaline solutions, the final product of which is yellow to light brown.
Interestingly, in the market there are 2 types of grapes, with seed and without seed, so this classification is due to the type of grapes used to produce raisins. Of course, in addition to its raisins, Currents are also included in this group, which is the same as a raisin made from red Kashmar grapes or Shahani grapes.
Regarding the distribution of various types of raisins in the market and the possibility of microbial contamination, pesticidity, oil content, pesticide residues and sulfur content of the product is higher than the limit for consumers, when buying products packed with necessary permits Use hygiene and wash the raisins with water before use, to minimize the mineral oils, dust and other potential contaminants present at the product level.